Accountants, Bookkeepers & Tax Agents

Accountants, Bookkeepers & Tax Agents

In the world of business and commerce, accountants are the magicians that write the spells and make the ordinary look extraordinary. They are also the ones who interpret every day business activity into logical reports and make sense of dollars and cents, going in and going out. Every business that exists needs to have a strong relationship with their accountant or accounting firm. Cashflow, profitability, debt ratios fluctuate from month to month, and without a good accountant, you wouldn’t understand what’s been paid, what needs to be paid, and what can be claimed back. They’re also the custodians for the business in dealing with ATO, and ensure that all compliance is followed.

This then is self-explanatory that accountants need to be on the pulse of business, and the best of them not just look back (BAS Statements, Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets) but also look current (Current Asset Ratios, Debt Ratios, CashFlow Statement) and plan for what’s coming ahead (Tax Compliance and Planning, Growth Forecasts, Cashflow Reports). And as they’re dealing with people in business, they need to present themselves in the most professional manner which begins with Suit, Shirt, Tie with a nice pair of Shoes.

AZRIM Pty Ltd (t/a Azrim Made to Measure) has been dealing with accountants and tax planners from inception. In fact, our first 5 clients were Accountants in New Zealand in 2004-05, and we still have 3 of them as active clients of ours. There is an old school charisma to accountants, where they appreciate service and loyalty, and many of them will practice that by staying and working with their clients through the ups and downs, advising them on how to stay afloat, especially with the business environment in the past decade.

Here’s 4 Reasons why we are the preferred choice of work and business suits for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Agents:

1. Save Time: As we meet our clients at their home or office by appointment, we save them time in travelling and shopping and bring the service to their door at a time most convenient to them.

We meet most of them at 6.30 or 7pm where they’re more comfortable to make choices, many times with their partners to help them choose the colours and patterns. Our flexibility works.

2. No Risk: With our Best Fit Guarantee service, we promise to make the best fitted garments you’ve ever worn. That means that the client irrespective of his shape, size, height and preferences can get something that is uniquely created for him or her. You bring the body, we make the clothes.

As people who manage risk for their clients, accountants love this about us.

3. Real Value: Our suits and shirts are made by Master Tailors by hand, using the fabrics from the best mills in the world, and delivered within 2 – 3 weeks. This means quality and value for our clients, as we don’t go for cheaper alternatives and deliver exactly what we show and promise.

Accountants appreciate the tangible and intangible value of dealing with us.

4. Genuine Service: We not only make garments but understand the needs and preferences of the customer and then translate that into wearable garments that provide comfort, style and quality.

Accountants appreciate loyalty and relationships, and when they see us reflecting the business and ethical values they stand by, the business happens naturally.

One of the Best Referral Partners

Accountants are also one of the best referral partners to our business, as they deal with many others financial and business service providers like bookkeepers, tax agents, lawyers, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, business coaches and trainers, financial and tax planners, real estate agents and even other business owners.

Over the years, we have had nearly 1000 accountants-bookkeepers as our clients, and have met and spoken to many times more. We know that most of them are time-poor, prefer to wear subtle and traditional choices in their clothes, understated and conservative. They make up for the subtlety by preferring higher quality and craftsmanship, and even if it’s a classic navy or charcoal suit, they want to buy the money’s worth.

Here’s the 3 Most Common Ways we service Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Agents:

1. Individual One-to-One Consultation: As most of them are self-employed or working solo, it is easier for us to meet them face to face and ask them about what they’re after, their current wardrobe options and if things need to be refreshed.

A common trend that we are noticing here is that many accountants are dealing with high net worth clients, and want to be dressed up but not go for a suit, shirt and tie, and prefer a formal jacket or overcoat with a nice shirt that can be worn with denim or chinos.

We met John who runs his own accounting practice, and he asked us to review his wardrobe options and get him ready for 2020. We suggested he go for 1 Dark Charcoal Suit with a Navy Blazer and then pick 3 white and 4 coloured shirts and a Navy, Khaki and Tan Chino and 1 Black Lace Up Shoe and 1 Brown Slip on Shoe to complete his wardrobe.

The feedback he gave us was that in the month after, he felt super confident when he went meeting his clients, and his business increased by 30% as the client’s perception of him and his business changed after seeing the change in how he presented himself. He also referred us to 2 of his clients to follow up who were interested to do something similar for themselves.

2. Group or Small Office Packages: Sometimes there is an office with accountants of upto 10 who work individually and collectively, and we can go there and do a group consultation and offer them packaged deals.

ABC Accountants (not real name for privacy) engaged us to consult them for their team of 6 Male and 4 Female Accountants, and also had their neighbouring business of 4 Bookkeepers (All Female) come to the meeting. We advised them to take our $1000 package which came with multiple options of mix and match, and services both male and female clients.

We had the garments made and delivered within 3 weeks, and some of them decided to go for a few more options after finding that their fit and styles were exactly as promised. It worked best for female clients as they saw genuine value in these deals, and everything was made specific to their choices.

3. Office Wide Bulk Orders: This works for big corporate accounting firms who choose to engage us for bulk orders for uniforms and clothing for their staff, usually from 200+ with a ratio of male and female workers.

XYZ Co. (not real name for privacy) were rebranding their whole company, and wanted to standardise the clothing and workwear asked us to come and meet with their C-Level Executives and Board Members and pitch for business.

We won the business for the fact that we have the capacity to service up to 3000 suits per month and we can service all locations in Australia and New Zealand, where their offices were located. We gave them a bulk offer, which included visiting each and every office and servicing each of their team of 800 staff individually and creating garments for them from their approved selection.

Not only did we roll this out and service it within 3 months against a deadline of 5 months set by them, we saved them many thousands of dollars by being fair in our pricing across the project compared to other vendors. And the best part is, we locked in the contract for 3 years which means over the next years, we will offer the same value and prices from our end, which helps them forecast their costs on uniforms accurately.

If you’re an Accountant, Tax Agent, Bookkeeper or even someone working in Finance and Tax, then you can see that we can help you genuinely get a quality wardrobe at affordable prices. Our Google, Facebook and LinkedIn review are testament to the fact that we do care for our clients, and have done it for many of our clients. You can also view our Video Testimonial Videos on our YouTube channel where we speak to many such clients.

Also, if you are an existing client in their professions, we would appreciate a kind word and a 5 Star Review so others like you can understand the service we provide, and continue to do so going forward.

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