Azrim Case Study – Funeral Directors

Azrim Case Study – Funeral Directors

One of the first and foremost industries that we service is the Funeral Directors. This is an industry that demands the highest levels of service, and personal connection is the key to winning and keeping clients here. Word of mouth is the strongest referral possible, and if you do your job right, the client is there for life, and if not, then you will be lucky to even get a meeting with anyone else.

For the Funeral Directors, their uniforms and work wear doesn’t need to be dull, boring or morbid. It can be a celebration of a lifetime, and they need to be presented in a way that is professional yet personable. Based on the level of formality with each business, the garments can be created to suit the profile of the business and the personnel within it. We help turn boring uncomfortable clothes into engaged comfortable garments.

Our Connection with the Funeral Industry

One of the first big contracts that we signed was with a Funeral Director in 2005, to service his team and offices across New Zealand. This gave us an insight into the demands of the profession for funeral directors, their stress levels around meeting changing deadlines, excuse the pun, and the ability to provide genuine personal service and care at a time when their client is at their most vulnerable. In some cases, the death can be under tragic or horrifying circumstances which makes it even more important to provide the service with dignity for those who have passed away, and those mourning the loss.

We have since serviced over 200 Funeral Homes and in excess of 1000 Funeral Directors across Australia and New Zealand and even a few in UK and Canada.

Why choose AZRIM?

As a clothing manufacturer, we can offer truly personalised solutions that can help them design their uniforms from scratch, choose the style and colours, and even have choice of fabric with extra stretch and durability, as the workload on these garments is immense.

Most importantly, we can visit your office at a time suitable to you, by appointment, and then service each individual being measured, as per agreement. It can be a standard choice of uniform across the whole business, or selective garments being made for each role, be it funeral service, front desk, caskets and tombstone sales, and even extends to service staff working in the backrooms.

The common factor is that we can personalize the colours of the garments to suit the logo and the design, and offer truly customized solutions, without the big price tag, in comparision to other providers who want to charge for every additional item they add.

CLIENT A: Low Budget Quick Turnaround

Client A runs a successful funeral business in Sydney, with 3 locations spread across the city. With a small team, they did a re-branding and decided that a change of uniform was needed, but their budget was limited. Also, they planned to do a photo and video shoot in the coming month to ensure that the new brand was communicated as soon as possible.

We had approached them a few months prior, and they reached out to us to quote and service their needs. Not only did we come in 40% cheaper than the previous provider, they were impressed by our fast turnaround of within 3 weeks compared to 8 weeks from the previous supplier. We won the contract and started work immediately by measuring the teams across all the locations.

After 3 weeks the garments were delivered, with no re-measurements or issues whatsoever. Everyone was happy with the finished product and we had made the garments slightly roomier so as to feel comfortable and not just look great. The client was extremely happy and referred us 2 more funeral homes that were interested to consult us.

CLIENT B: Regional locations spread across NSW

Client B is a regional NSW Funeral Service provider with offices located hours from each other. Every other provider they contacted charged them an additional hourly rate for travel. We just added a single day rate which was very reasonable and visited each of the locations in person, to measure and service the teams.

This made us considerably cheaper in comparison to any other provider, even though our garments were slightly more expensive, being a superior quality of fabric and construction to the ready-made options purchased earlier. We quickly turned around the order and had them shipped to each location. Again the client was impressed and gave us a 5 Star review on Google

CLIENT C: New Zealand wide Service Provider with over 80 Locations

This was one of the tenders that we won, and were asked to service over 80 locations in New Zealand belonging to one single company. The locations ranged from major metro cities to regional small towns with 1 or 2 staff. We were given 3 months to measure and another 2 months to service the orders ensuring everything was completed within 6 months from start.

We visited each of the locations in person, measuring each of the members and ensuring all of their needs and concerns were answered for. We did this within 3 weeks, and got the garments made within another 4 weeks. By the end of 2 months, the clothes had been delivered with a personal check in major metros. Apart from 3 or 4 orders out of over 400 staff, all the garments were perfect fit first time. The remaining orders were fixed in the coming weeks and delivered.

That client extended their contract with us for another additional 3 years, and we agreed to lock in the prices for them over that time.

WHY is this relevant to YOU if you’re a FUNERAL DIRECTOR?

If you’re a Funeral Director in Sydney & NSW, then we are most interested to talk to you. But we are servicing all across Australia and New Zealand, so if you’re an independent Funeral Director then please reach out to us for a one-on-one conversation and we will genuinely try to offer you the best possible deal we can with our best fit guarantee.

If you’re a Funeral Director that belongs to a Group or Corporation, then we would love to be introduced to your Procurement Manager or Operations Executive who makes the decision to engage with providers like us. We are happy to competitively quote and even compete on tenders if needed.

Here’s a list of garments and items we can service:

  • Machine Washable Ready to Wear Suits, Shirts, Skirts, Trousers and Dresses.
  • Made to Measure Suits, Skirts, Shirts, Trousers, Dresses, Overcoats and Coats.
  • Custom Made Shoes designed for comfort.
  • Accessories like Ties, Cufflinks, Lapel Pins and even Custom Logo Pins.
  • Leather goods including bags, satches, belts, wallets and keyrings.
  • Work wear including polos, tees and shorts can be arranged on request.

We have been providers to the FDANZ and the FDANSW members, and have also worked with Funeral Directors in USA, Canada and UK for their team needs, provided they supply us the measurements needed. For AUS and NZ, we will travel to service the client locally and inter-state and Please visit our website and send me a message so I’ll come back to you ASAP.

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