Christmas Offer 2019

Christmas Offer 2019

Every December, Santa is hectic preparing nice and wonderful gifts for everyone. With the climate change and forest fires, Santa is having a tough time navigating through the melting polar caps and the forest fire Smokey grey skies.

Instead, he’s asked me to chip in for the nice girls and some naughty boys. As Santa’s favourite fashionable elf, my job is to remind you of 2 amazing Santa approved offers from Azrim Made to Measure that end New Years Eve.

For those wanting an epic boss suit like Santa, the $1000 package deal has all the bells and jingles with a BONUS shirt and tie.

For those seeking a promotion in the Santa workshop, the 7 shirts for $600 will save you some candy money for decorations and pudding.

Whatever you wish, see it take shape and magically come true within 2 weeks with satisfaction guaranteed.

For the lazy ones, you can purchase the gift vouchers that will see you till Xmas 2021, in case Santa missed coming down your chimney.

Merry Christmas everyone – from your overworked, underpaid and much loved elf Farrukh.

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