Cufflinks: The Detail that makes Style

Cufflinks: The Detail that makes Style

Putting together an outfit takes courage and vision. It is like moving within a grid of unwritten laws of personal taste and community presentation. The ability to harmonise the subtle with the bold is what defines STYLE. A little bit less and you can look ordinary, and the bit more makes you over-the-top. It is a fine line, and this can be the most difficult in the male wardrobe than when choosing the perfect pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks are decisive and definitive – as in they can complete your look and elevate it to the next level; or risk spoiling your whole suit, shirt and tie combination. It is for this reason, many men choose not to wear them, as it saves them the effort of picking and the embarrassment if they don’t match it rightly.

But that’s not the right attitude when it comes to sartorial excellence – and it isn’t as difficult either, provided you understand the basic elements of taste. Along with wristwatches, they are the man’s true jewels; and as often happens, tiny highly precious objects to be worn on the sleeve or a wrist.

The header image of this article is perhaps the most mind-boggling as it’s estimated at $4.2 Million USD at the time of being created by international Swiss jewellers Jacobs & Co. Known as “Canary Diamonds”. Octagonal in shape, they are made out of 18-karat White Gold, and a 21-karat canary-yellow diamonds combined with faceted 10.76 rectangular diamonds.

Origins & History

Since 1600 the English aristocracy and upper class have regarded cufflinks as an essential wardrobe accessory. They were known as ‘sleeve buttons’ and were a style evolution from the commonly used brooches and laces which were used as closures. Tailors and jewellers started indulging their esteemed clients by fabricating them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials including ivory, gemstones, glass paste, gold and other precious and semi-precious metals and stones.

Common Styles & How to Wear them

Although the function of the cufflinks sets limits on the size of the actual object, which has to pass through two eyelets, and its success is hooked, as it’s appropriate to say in this case, to the evolution o the shirt cuff.

Nevertheless, the inventive powers of the jewellers have not been compromised. Instead, they have proven to be practically infinite, although the main styles can be counted on the fingers of one hand, namely, the symmetrical one, the one with two equal ends bound by a chain, the torpedo, the most common type with its head attached to a capsule that can be slipped into an eyelet and made to clamp the cufflink to the cuff. Then there’s the cufflink with a bar, and the fabric type, shaped like a knot which has grown quite popular.

“The best cufflinks are that one that are visible without grabbing attention”

So which one is best for me?

As with most and best things in life, you get what you pay for. But the price isn’t always the best indicator of quality. The best cufflinks are subtlely elegant and get your attention without grabbing it.

The most important thing to consider is “What is the purpose of this element being added to my wardrobe? The occasion and the reason for you to wear one.” Once you’ve worked out as to the value of the use of the cufflinks, you can then decide on how valuable the cufflinks need to be. As with shoes, wristwatches and ties, cufflinks can let others know where you put the value on yourself and your personal brand.

Please don’t mix cheap and expensive together, as in cheap suit and shirt with expensive cufflinks and vice versa. And it also includes watches and shoes where purpose and occasion need to be matched.

If you think you’re going to impress your date or your potential client, wearing silk knots on an imported bulk manufactured shirt, and a cheap polyester suit, then you’re doing more damage than wearing a white tee and blue jeans and sneakers to a black-tie event. Invest in your self-worth and the perceived value you want to have in the mind of those that meet you and see you. The confidence of a well-dressed man far exceeds any amount of money he can spend on clothing, and definitely can be the deciding factor between winning and losing, or should I say closing and hoping to close a deal.

Limited Edition Couture Designer Cufflinks

At Azrim, we carry a limited selection of cufflinks sourced from leading brands of fashion at affordable prices. We also carry quirky pieces with Aboriginal Art imprinted on the cufflinks and tie bars, and then various version of high-end steel with semi-precious stones, sterling silver and precious metals with stones, and even our designer luxury cufflinks.

AZRIM works with few of the best jewellers in Sydney to design custom pieces for our clients, who want not only the best materials but craftsmanship, design and value for their money.

One of the last pieces commissioned to us was a White Diamond Square Cufflinks with Blue Sapphire in the middle on 18-K White Gold, taking over 2 months to be made, and was sold for just below $16,000 AUD. We take such orders on cufflinks priced from $2,500 onwards and are also working on another piece valued at $20,000.

We would love to know what you think of this article, and if there’s any way we can help you buy or order a ready-made or a custom-designed cufflink. If we can’t do it for you, we will introduce you to someone who can, as we are more about service than the sale.

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