Fail Harder, Succeed Stronger

Fail Harder, Succeed Stronger

The last few months, I have made a commitment to be in shape which means spending many hours sweating it out on the gym floor under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer at Vision North Sydney. There is nothing more true than being exhausted to the point of breaking day after day for fitness glory.

We have all heard the famous line that a healthy body means a healthy mind, but I believe that an unhealthy body means a messy mind. When someone is not able to put their priorities in order, it reflects as laziness with missed opportunities and lost goals.

There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn from our time engaged in sports or fitness to that of real life, be it business or family. Nothing comes easy and the path to achievement has to be earned inch by inch, minute by minute.

Using the analogy of getting in shape and building muscle, one of the truths is that you need to break your body and tear the muscles first. Every torn muscle fibre repairs itself over time through quality nutrition and in that process builds stronger muscles. And this needs to be repeated, day after day as a continuous loop.

When you push that last rep till you can’t anymore, and then the trainer asks you to go harder for the last two, it’s the point of reaching failure but going beyond it. If we keep giving up before that, then we will be left with no growth or gain in the gym.

The same is true for businesses, where one needs to push it as hard as possible, and then with a bit of help go that extra mile.

New ideas and approaches are meant to test our ability and strength in the market. Without reaching failure, we will never succeed.

Working for different owners and corporations, I have observed over the years that few managers or owners are willing to test the strength of their business in the market. They take the easy cost-effective approach to success, and more often than not, fail. Failure is good but when you make a habit of it, and never try anything else, you will never succeed.

Good managers and business owners understand the value of failure, and they celebrate failure by failing over and over again, but not in the same way or the same thing. In this process, they learn a hundred ways of not succeeding which helps them get closer to the formula of success. And yes, it exists.

And yes, it’s not the same for each of us but is linked to our DNA. We have to go out there and find out what works for us and what doesn’t. Like you, I’m on that journey and I wish you the very best of success. And if you find success, please share it with others as you never know who may be the person to take you to newer heights of success through advice, collaboration or networking.


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