Help ! I’m getting married & I need a new suit but I don’t know what to get?

Help ! I’m getting married & I need a new suit but I don’t know what to get?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then this article is written for every groom / groomsmen who wants to look sharp on the wedding day / night, but don’t know one suit from the next. Here’s what you need to know from the styling and design side of things for your wedding attire.

Based on the past couple of years, grooms are looking for both functionality and fun at a good value. Whilst some grooms still hire suits, the trend is shifting towards more men choosing to get their suits custom tailored and willing to pay a bit more, as long as it can be used for work and other occasions after the wedding.

Very few men are now choosing to wear tuxedos for weddings, and I think it’s good as that’s not always the best option to go with. Sadly many hire clothing shops seem to push that as its easy option that helps them move their old suits for recurring rental revenue. It does however work for some people on tight budget who see clothing as an expense on that day, instead of an investment.

As a wedding stylist and suit tailor, I suggest keeping it simple by choosing fabrics with texture, generally in Super Merino 110 or higher, and going for natural cotton shirts as they breathe better, compared to polyester or viscose.

Another trend seems to be for going tight-fit but I find this impractical as it’s hard to move in them, and may rip if you try to do the occasional splits or lifts on the dance floor. Best to go with a slim-ish fit that goes with the body shape of the person.

Suiting is preferably black and navy blue, with some opting for a dark charcoal grey. The style is still single breasted in a one-button or two-button front, matched with vests worn with a fitted well-made shirt with cuff-link options.

If it’s a summer wedding or a beach – tropical locations (Fiji, Vanuatu, Hawaii) then I’d strongly recommend going for a soft cotton-silk or cotton-linen blend suit. Pure linen suits are the most luxurious but crease like hell, so many men don’t choose that as the photos don’t come off that well.

If you’ve got a good budget, then I’d recommend choosing Super 150 or 180 Merino Wool – Silk fabrics as they are best suited for travel and tropical wear. You can also go for a semi-constructed half or no canvas jacket which is lighter than your average suit.

Always allow 2 finger space between jacket and vest, and important to choose the right length on the trousers and the jacket sleeves. Too long and it looks untidy and too short makes it look cheap.

Popular colours for shirts are white with some sort of texture, or even soft pink or even light blue. For accessories men are not shy to choose matching neck tie, pocket silk and lapel pins to complete the look. Also being creative with flowers is an option (see image above) as long as you don’t look like a flower bouquet.

Shoes should be lace-up in either black leather, or patent leather. For those adventurous souls out there, suede in monk strap is cool too. And always match that with the belt. Socks are must for formal weddings and options for beach casual weddings.

Most importantly, keep everything with a similar colour palette and link back to a theme in colour, texture or look. Don’t try to copy stuff from Pinterest as that may not be best suited for your occasion and your body profile.

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