Is the Lemon worth the squeeze?

Is the Lemon worth the squeeze?

Most of us have heard the old saying, “When life throws you a lemon, you juice it” which is a positive, strong and make the most of it type of attitude. But is it a good approach to juice every lemon thrown our way by life and circumstances?

To put things in perspective, lemon means anything and everything in your career, business and life. It means all the things that you own and are affected by – personal and inter-personal. It also means all that will be influenced by your set of choices of consumption, managing resources and filling gaps. Every lemon we pick or ignore influences our life, our surroundings and those that we work with, live with and in business, serve and sell to.

A good lemon will produce the sweet juice in good quantity that will be nourishing and sustainable. A bad lemon will take much more effort by hand or through a juicer and the juice may be too sour or even rotten.

Choosing one lemon over another sets in motion a string of choices which influence how many u need, how long it will take, will there be wastage or shortage and so on.

Surely you have read enough books and had enough life experiences to have come to your own ‘best applied’ set of questions before you make any decision. Some of the common dilemmas we all face are, “Is this going to help me make some extra bucks? What do I need to do to score that bonus or hit that sales target? Is this person I’m dating the one for me? How quickly can I save up to buy that house I always wanted? Which charity should I support? etc. etc.”

But the answers to these questions are more like 50 shades of grey than a clear black and white. And each one of them comes with their own set of strings of choices. Is there an easier way?

Yes there is…be clear of what you want to get out of it before you make the decision and don’t change your mind once you’ve made the decision.

Indecision is the biggest friend of failure, and the worst enemy of success. And not knowing what you want out of something before you begin it sets yourself up for failure, every time.

For those entrepreneurs who are looking for the next billion dollar payout on this crazy app they’ve designed or this brilliant idea they’ve had, ask at least these questions first:

WHAT? What do you want out of it before you begin it? GOAL

WHO? Who will pay for it? Who are we talking to? AUDIENCE

WHY? Why would anyone pay for this? Why is your idea different from others? STRATEGY

WHERE? Where do you see your idea in 3 months, 6 months, 1 yr, 5 yrs? VISION

WHEN? When is it the right time to invest? When is it right to sell? TIMING

WHY NOT? Why not would this idea succeed? WORST CASE SCENARIO

I asked the last question to bring a sense of reality – many entrepreneurs have a self-fulfilling tendency to hatch their chicks before the eggs crack (sorry to use cliches).

Sharing some experience and quality advice which I’ve received over the years…

Stop chasing rainbows, and start building dreams. Don’t base your success on the back of just dollars and cents – instill a sense of achievement in yourself and your team. Not all ideas make money from day one, but over time, with the right people and key learning, it pays off.

All of these are choices, so make a good one and stick with it. In time, you will notice positive things surround you, find clarity in your thoughts and actions, and above all, less stress.

So let’s ask again and again….Is the Lemon worth the squeeze?

What you want out of things are first determined by what you put into it, and if you have the right things in place before you begin juicing. And if that right thing is worth going through the effort of juicing to start with. It’s not always about listening to the customer, as sometimes your newly introduced flavor juice might be what they never knew they wanted, but the risks are higher if you ignore customers totally.

Don’t waste your life on doing things, but more importantly on doing things that matter most…Today and Tomorrow…Good luck juicing your lemons and make them all worth the squeeze.

*Please Note: All comments are my own and in relation to my own venture Tynderbox: Igniting your Innovation. These are not connected in any way to Reed Elsevier, LexisNexis and its affiliates.

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