Quick Tips for Fashion at the Races – Derby Day for Women & Men

Quick Tips for Fashion at the Races – Derby Day for Women & Men

Are you ready for the Spring Summer Racing season ahead with the Melbourne Cup and other major derby days lined up. Whatever your views on horse racing, we can’t avoid the fashion at the races, and it’s a tough competition.

So if you’re going shopping this weekend or in the future, here’s some tips to consider for a winning look.


  • pick block colours or patterns that pop for fun.
  • choose headgear that’s minimalistic and keeps the attention on your face instead of your head.
  • wear to your body shape as good fit accentuates your curves.
  • simplify everything from makeup to the accessories you’re wearing
  • headwear and accessories need to be matched and complement the complete look.
  • clutch bags and light purses make moving around easier.
  • choose comfort over styling as you’ll be moving around a lot.
  • invest in a good pair of branded sunglasses as that’s something very noticeable.


  • choose plain or mild pattern for suits which are easy to mix and match with other things.
  • be bold with ties, cufflinks and pocket square for that fresh colour pop.
  • matching shoes, belts and eyewear completes the look.
  • choose 1 base colour and match or contrast shirts and accessories to that.
  • invest in quality garments and look beyond a single day or single wear use.
  • consider lightweight merino wool, seersucker, linen and cotton as valid options for summer suiting.
  • simple classic headwear works best for a dignified look.Hope you like these quick style tips and if you need more suggestions, then follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or consult us for your next step up in suiting and shirting. All the best to the punters amongst us. Bet smart and look even smarter.

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