The 3 Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

The 3 Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

October is upon us, and only a few more weeks before it really starts warming up. For most men and women, winter is easier to dress up as you can layer up, and cover everything with a suit jacket or a winter coat. But summer brings a different set of challenges, where one has to balance not being naked but still dressing up well.

Having worked in retail for over a decade, and running my own clothing business for over a decade on top of that, I feel confident that the suggestions I throw your way will come in handy, and help you stay classy, no matter what the outfit is.

In this article, I would like to talk about the THREE BEST FABRICS to wear in Summer – they should form the base of everything going forward. It is important to look at the choice of fabrics based on the season and weather. I have a separate set of clothes for summer, and then for winter, and then some which I call hybrid which can be worn all year around.

LINEN: It is a natural fabric made of the fibre of the flax plant. It is highly absorbent of moisture (or sweat) and is known for its coolness properties, that is, it shields the body well against the sun and the heat. The only drawback for some people is that it does crease a lot, which can be seen as too casual or untidy. I see linen as a luxurious fabric as it’s not cheap to manufacture, and different varieties exist making them fit for purpose – the linen we carry for our shirting is not ideal for suits as it’s too soft; we choose Irish Linen for that. At Azrim, we stock 7 varieties of linen each for different types of look and feel and texture.

Linen is fresh, vibrant and comfortable. Wear the creases with a smile as it’s a very upmarket look especially for Derby Day, beach or tropical weddings and even everyday casual.

COTTON: The first choice for summer, this fabric is made of soft, fluffy fibres which are spun into fine thread and then woven into all types of garments. Cotton has a lower crease factor compared to linen, but can be warm or cool, depending on the thread count and the width of the fabric. Heavier cotton is best left for jackets and chinos, whereas mid to light cotton is perfect to wear to a BBQ or a picnic or the beach.

Different varieties of cotton exist, and nowadays most of it is genetically modified cotton, like staple, shiny, Pima or Egyptian cotton. The latter being highly expensive and rare to get, and can be up to 5 times costlier than normal cotton. We stock a decent selection of Egyptian Cotton 2 Ply shirts in vibrant colours and patterns.

SEERSUCKER: A cotton fabric, generally with striped or check patterns, with a crumpled or puckered look which runs through the fabric giving it texture and complexity. The word came into English from Persian, originating from the words sheer and shakar, literally meaning milk and sugar.

This fabric is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance. This causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, enabling heat dissipation and air circulation. It also means that pressing is not necessary.pled or puckered feel running through the fabric, giving it texture and complexity.

When looking at building your summer wardrobe, it is best to consider a mix n match approach with a selection of items for swimwear, and then others for day and evening wear. I always suggest to consider choices beyond Denim, and that’s where Cotton Chinos and even Linen pants look really classy. Seersucker creates amazing shirts and jackets and these are perfect for race day, weddings and special events. Cotton suits are coming back in fashion, and with the varieties available today, they can be a good alternative to the Superfine Merino Wool (Super 160 and above).

In my next article, I will talk about looks and how to mix-n-match items to make them work. If you’d like to know more or view the fabrics in person, please book yourself in for a free appointment in Sydney on Azrim or MirzaHeath

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