Why Azrim donates at least 10% of its total annual turnover to charity? And my pick of top 5 charities.

Why Azrim donates at least 10% of its total annual turnover to charity? And my pick of top 5 charities.

During my years working for and with clients, the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) was thrown around a lot to promote the business as being community-focused, people-driven and so on. In concept, it was a brilliant thing but from my experience,

I found it to be the one task that each and every corporate did with a heavy heart. Not only did they not enjoy being generous, but only focused on those things that got them healthy profits rather than to the benefit of the charity or it’s people. Leverage was extensively used to give money with lots expected in return, otherwise, they were not interested. This was still better and positive than many other businesses that seem to not even give away old clothes or furniture unless it really needs to go.

Charity is an attribute found in generosity and only those people are generous who know the value of not having much or have now reached a point of contentment in their lives to know to share the bounty coming their way.

As a Muslim, I was brought up with the thought that the best way to trade with Allah (God) is to donate to charity. It is one of the pillars of Islam and is considered a fundamental act of obedience and faith. It is similar to all religions which preach service to humanity comes before service to self. When you learn to give in the path of humanity, only then can you expect to ask Almighty to give you what you desire (provided it’s legitimate).

I have always found that it’s the best way to give back to the community is to service a healthy share of the profits towards a cause that is designed to make lives better, and help those in need, be they disabled, suffering from mental or physical health issues, or just a great bunch of people trying to make the world a better place to live.

Here’s a list of my top 5 charities that I know of, and look to support in the coming years. My business goal is to achieve a turnover of $20m by 2020 and be able to build schools, libraries and hospitals with at least $2m donation on an annual basis.

  1. ShareCare (Campbelltown NSW)

A great organisation that provides welfare and support services to families with children that are disabled, autistic or have mental or physical health issues. They take kids out to trips, provide a range of services for support including training and support, as well as educate people on how to raise kids the right way without losing their mind.

2. The Smith Family Trust (NSW)

Having visited their operations earlier this year, I was blown away by the scale of their work and the support they provide to kids and adults irrespective of their religious background. They also help the environment by recycling items of clothing, furniture and electronics by a number of channels including retail and wholesale export.

In 2017, Azrim will organise a drive to collect old clothes from their clients in good condition to provide The Smith Family Trust with enough clothing and products to help them raise some extra funds for the kids and families they help in Australia.

3. The Fred Hollows Foundation (Australia – New Zealand)

If there is one thing that is very hard to live without, it is a vision. And if there is a way to help people get their vision back, then it stops them from a life of dependency. For the past 6 years, Azrim has continued to be a monthly contributor to the fundraising efforts for this amazing charitable organisation that helps people see. We will continue to donate to them in the years to come.

4. Manly Women’s’ Shelter (NSW)

A really good group of people doing great work for the community by providing refuge to women needing help from domestic violence, homelessness, financial hardships and support. Every year Azrim donates a made-to-measure suit that goes up for auction to raise funds for this organisation.

5. Dress for Success (Australia)

Another top foundation that helps women getting back to work look good and presentable through donated clothes. These ladies are trying to get back to work and this organisation helps them by offering them FREE style consultation on how to dress well and look the best so they can get the job they desire.

In the past two years, Azrim has donated over $30,000 worth of clothes to this organisation and we hope that this has gone a long way in helping women dress for success.

Other charities that we have supported included those in New Zealand (StarShip Children’s Hospital; Rotary International); Australia (Westmead Children’s Hospital; NSW Police, Make Bullying History Foundation, Beyond Blue); India (Diamonds Charitable Trust, Al-Zahra Foundation) and much more.

One of my personal goals for 2017 is to donate $50,000 USD to a charity in Asia that offers girls who have been made orphans through war or tragedy complete shelter and education so that they can be self-sufficient. I was fortunate enough to visit one of their centres this year, and they were wanting to build new classrooms and get books for these children.

To help raise funds, we have multiple items on SALE (up to 80% off) on our online site shopping cart – all of the sale proceeds will go to this charity and every item purchased could be another desk, few books, new uniforms or just electricity for this organisation.

On behalf of all these charities, I would like to personally thank each and every client who bought clothes from Azrim this year; each and every person who referred us business; and each and every well-wisher who liked, shared, followed and posted for us on social media. Every bit counts, and whilst we want to make money for ourselves, we do not want to stop caring for those amongst us who need a helping hand.

In this season of giving, please be generous and share abundantly. As I know from personal experience, the more you give unconditionally, the less you will ever need to ask anyone for yourself.

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