Why Azrim works and what you can get for $1000?

Why Azrim works and what you can get for $1000?

Are you tired of going from one store to another, spending your precious time trying on clothes and still having to compromise on fit, style, and purpose? And when you find something that you like, it’s probably too expensive.

Since 2005, we have serviced over 5000 customers across Australia and New Zealand providing our best-fit guarantee made-to-measure clothing for men and women. We come to your home or office (in Sydney and metro cities) by appointment and help you create your favourite clothing. Everything is made and delivered to your door within 3 weeks.

So then if I’m getting all this, then the clothes would be fairly expensive. No – not at all. In fact, we pride ourselves in being competitive in pricing and quality and service as we are a manufacturer as well as a distributor.

So what can I get for $1000?

This is the most common question I get asked by a lot of new and potential customers who approach me about getting custom tailored suits or shirts. I have established this business based on what I perceive is value-for-money and not related to what others’ charge or pay for a similar product. As for service, I know it is very customer-oriented and the whole business model is built around the customer.

Why Azrim works?

Having spent over a decade working for and selling the best menswear labels in the world, I decided to invest my savings into starting my own menswear made-to-measure business in 2004. Since then, many tailoring services have come and gone, and some have grown bigger than they used to. The trend for custom tailored clothes has picked up since 2012 resulting in a multitude of providers but very few with credentials or the infrastructure to produce their own garments. The majority of tailors outsource it to some factory to make it for them and put their labels on it.

Azrim operates with a sole purpose of making garments for our own customers – wholesale, retail and individual via our own factory with 7 dedicated master tailors and state-of-the-art machinery to prepare garments within 2 – 3 weeks. This makes it one of the fastest turnaround on garments by any tailoring service in Australia or New Zealand.

Furthermore, using Kaizen methodology, we prepare garments to 98% accuracy in first-fit meaning 98 out of 100 garments prepared fit very well in the first instance. Where any adjustments need to be made, we take full ownership of getting it right. This is part of our Repair – Replace and Refund policy for every order taken. If the garments have any issues, we will replace them for no extra costs, and if it’s still not to expectation, provide a full refund. No other provider in Australia, to our knowledge, offers this best-fit guarantee on their service.

In the 12 years of being in business, we have worked across multiple industries offering custom tailored clothing for individuals, groups, weddings and professionals mainly through associations or corporate accounts. We are preferred suppliers as we provide the service we promise, deliver the garments as agreed upon, and most importantly lock in the price for 3 years on substantial contractual orders. This saves our clients money and gives them the peace of mind knowing they’re dealing with professionals.

Based on this level of service, we were winners in the 2016 WSABE Awards for Innovation and a finalist in the NSW Business Awards as well.

Our top brands include Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) sourced from Italy for their quality and luxurious feel. We carry other Italian fabric labels as well priced competitively in variations and blends of Super 110 – 180 Merino Wool, Cashmere, Mohair, Silk, Linen, Cotton and Lycra. Our shirting range offers Cotton in Easy Care, Non-Iron and High Thread Count varieties along with blends of Lycra, Silk and Polyester.

Here’s what $1000 gets you in our Ready-to-Wear selection:

We have recently introduced our Machine Washable Suits with Wash – Hang – Wear technology. Simply no ironing or dry cleaning ever. Built for comfort, versatile and modern cut in classic black, navy and charcoal.

  •  Machine Washable Suit (Jacket + Trouser) + 2 Shirts + Tie (x2) OR
  • Machine Washable Suit (Jacket + Trouser) + Extra Trouser / Skirt (x2) OR
  • 20 Easy Care Shirts
  • 12 Easy Care Shirts + 3 x Machine Washable Trousers + 1 Casual Chino Trouser

Here’s what $1000 gets you in our Made-to-Measure selection:

  • Super 130 Merino Wool Suit + Extra Trouser / Skirt + 1 Easy Care Cotton Shirt OR
  • Super 140 Merino Wool Cashmere Suit OR
  • 7 Easy Care Cotton Shirts + 2 Super 130 Merino Wool Trousers OR
  • 5 Egyptian Cotton Shirts + 1 Super 140 Merino Wool Cashmere Trouser

Help Us Help You

For anyone who has used our services and is reading this article, we humbly request you to share your experience with us, as well as refer us to others like you, who would appreciate the service and the value we provide. We are focussed on gaining a strong market share within the Australian and New Zealand corporate and business wear and are open to meeting and talking to any procurement, marketing – branding and executive management on how best to service their needs for uniforms and clothing.

If you would like to request our brochure or book an appointment, please visit our Azrimwebsite. We are happy to answer any RFPs or Tenders sent to us to supply across Australia and New Zealand, and even globally.

10% of our annual turnover is donated towards community projects and fundraising for charities operating within Australia and New Zealand.

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