Why having a Vision is important? How Vision Boarding helps!

Why having a Vision is important? How Vision Boarding helps!

This weekend I had the most productive business session I’ve been in for a long time. Organised by the Success Women’s Network and run by the super knowledgeable Kendra Strudwick from Inspiraction Coaching and Training.

The purpose of the session was VISION – the importance of having one with clarity and how to shift your mindset to purpose through Vision Boarding. It’s an easy exercise that can be done by anyone but probably works best under the guidance of a professional.

Why is Vision important?

Anyone who has achieved greatness through their own hands, be it in sports, business, profession or even life relationships will testify that it has been through their ability to have a vision first and then working on a daily basis to achieve that path. Vision is the ability to see ahead and to prepare your actions to reach that destination. It is like an inner compass that steers you north almost like the North Star for the ocean voyagers of centuries past.

When you listen to modern visionaries like Elon Musk or Richard Branson, you will realise that they were at this position of success many months or years ago; and it’s because they saw what they wanted to achieve many weeks or months ahead, that they could plan backwards to move ahead.

Why is clarity important in Vision planning?

Clarity is really hard to achieve when your mind is going in million directions at once. But without clarity, one can take longer, or even never reach that goal as they got lost in the non-essential tasks of everyday life. Without clarity, you may reach your goal but not with the intensity or purpose that you wanted to at the beginning – almost a half-hearted attempt to success.

Imagine driving a car in rain, you will reach the destination but have to drive really slow and safe, and possibly take a few wrong turns along the way. Now if there was no rain, and your windscreen was sparkling clean then you’ll be there sooner with fewer issues. That’s the same way our mindset works.

What is Vision Boarding? How does it work?

Vision boarding is a simple exercise where you prepare your mind and body to put down on paper what motivates you to achieve more, or exactly what you want to achieve. It can be realistic to ridiculous but it’s using images and text to express your innermost thoughts on paper.

The way it is done is to look at cutting images and words and sticking them yourself on a sheet of paper or cardboard. You can make it as big and colourful as you please. It is a very powerful method of achieving clarity as you pick and choose what you like and don’t like and how you put it down on paper. Touching glue to paper, and sticking it on is fun too, as it takes you back to childhood when you did these things for play.

If you’re focusing on business, you can use numbers or images to quantify exactly what you want to happen – be it hiring more staff, or opening a new office, or reaching a million dollars in turnover. You can personalise it with your logo, product or service images and even put in pictures of your key staff.

If you’re thinking of things you want to own or buy, like a house, or a car, or an expensive watch then you can put the pics of exactly that thing you want.

If you’re thinking of life and relationships, you can put images of a wedding if you’re planning to get married, or a cute child if you want one, or even holidays with your loved ones.

This is about putting milestones you want to achieve over the coming 12 months on paper. It is a visual representation that you can see every morning and be inspired to go out and push yourself harder. You can put pics of your children or family on it, so you know who it is that you’re working for and towards.

Why it’s important to do it with a professional coach?

Having done the exercise under the guidance of Kendra made it easy and enjoy. Being a leading performance coach and executive trainer for many years for leading global MNCs, she brought a wealth of information and connected to each of us and faciliated the group session effortlessly. Her preparation on the material was outstanding with an email sent to us a week and 3 days prior, along with a detailed follow up after the session.

She used a lot of management examples and real-life stories to verbally visualise what it is that we want to see at the end of the process. Many of the things written above are what I picked up along with other participants so it was a fun group exercise and we got motivated off each other. Listening to other’s express their vision boards was powerful too – as it made us all realise the potential we are unleashing out through our combined positive energy.

To connect with Kendra from Inspiraction Coaching and Training, visit her website here. And to know more about Success Women’s Network, click here.

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