Why you need to know YOU come first?

Why you need to know YOU come first?

As career professionals, business owners and start up entrepreneurs, we all spend a lot of time doing things that need to be done, but sometimes things get blurred between the lines when you’re running between short term action items to long term strategic plans.

The better among us makes those decisions on time and with precision, and a lot of it comes down to experience. It’s about being in the place that you are familiar with, and reaching back to a zone where you are in control, to be calm and do it once but do it right.

The thing about prioritisation is to put first things first and it is one of the most important habits to nurture according to Stephen R Covey in his evergreen book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

For those like me that are not built for administration jobs, try to delegate tasks and use clever productivity tools to automate the laborious boring bits. Working smart saves me from working hard, and I don’t plan on being burnt out anytime soon.

Every days comes with its stock of challenges. And it’s very important to be able to handle all the ups and downs, and everything in between that comes with the job, role and career. A saying that helps me keep put things in perspective is, “Millionaires have million dollar problems”.

For almost everyone, family comes first. This is especially true for women who tend to sacrifice more to accommodate everyone else and put themselves last. Many of us will associate this trait with our mums who tend to give up on their career and personal well-being to ensure we are looked after.

Here’s some tips from moving from what matters to you to what matter is YOU !!!

1. Get fit and healthy: A healthy body is the base for a healthy mind. And there is a lot of truth in this, so it’s just as important to get busy and sweat it out. Aim to get one hour out to do something that helps you focus your energy, and invest in a quality personal trainer who will work with you to keep you focused on whatever your goals are.

2. Drink lots of water: Believe it or not but your liver is the most important organ in your body after your brain, and what keeps it functioning is to drink lots of water. The more water that passes through the liver out of your body, the less stress and toxins you will carry. And this chemical balance affects your brain positively and reduces headaches.

3. Sleep well: Our body clock is on the go-go-go and we need to know how it works. Some of us are early risers whilst others are night owls. But whatever makes you tick, get enough shut eye. And for me, its where dreams are made.

4. Relax and take it easy: A few months ago I joined a dance class to learn ballroom dancing, and it was one of the best decision I ever made. Not only did I learn a new skill but I made some cool friends and it always fun to get your booty moving. Having a sense of humour when things are tough, also helps loosen the atmosphere and help break those awkward moments of silence.

5. Be happy: Learn to be happy with what you have, and how far you’ve come. I always look at people less fortunate than me and be grateful; and look at people ahead of me to be inspired but never to compare. It makes good business sense as happy people are most productive and develop advanced people skills far quicker than those that look at like like a glass half-empty.

It’s easier to put it down as a list than to put in practice, but with perseverance and focus, it is achievable. So reach out to the people around you and the connections in your professional and personal life to find the keys that help you prioritise the most important thing in your life…YOU !+

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