10 Steps AZRIM is fighting COVID19

Like most other businesses, our business has taken a decent hit with appointments being cancelled and postponed indefinitely. Whilst I’m talking to some clients online and through virtual meetings, it’s a lot of uncertainty with many industries that’s really not helping us or others. Using the spare time well is what will set apart the […]

Accountants, Bookkeepers & Tax Agents

In the world of business and commerce, accountants are the magicians that write the spells and make the ordinary look extraordinary. They are also the ones who interpret every day business activity into logical reports and make sense of dollars and cents, going in and going out. Every business that exists needs to have a […]

Azrim Case Study – Funeral Directors

One of the first and foremost industries that we service is the Funeral Directors. This is an industry that demands the highest levels of service, and personal connection is the key to winning and keeping clients here. Word of mouth is the strongest referral possible, and if you do your job right, the client is […]

Christmas Offer 2019

Every December, Santa is hectic preparing nice and wonderful gifts for everyone. With the climate change and forest fires, Santa is having a tough time navigating through the melting polar caps and the forest fire Smokey grey skies. Instead, he’s asked me to chip in for the nice girls and some naughty boys. As Santa’s […]

Tie- Love it, Hate it, Wear it

Yes or No to the necktie? That is the question. For some, it is a declaration of social status and conformity to the rules of etiquette of dressing; for others, it is liberation from the closed neck and the paradise of open shirt collars. Irrespective of where you stand, wearing a tie speaks first and […]

The Power Suit Myth or Reality

Before we talk about the Power Suit, we need to understand what people’s expectations are from it. Much like the 90’s cartoon series He-Man: Masters of The Universe; it is like the sword of magic and mystique that will instantly give you all the strength and courage provided you hold it in your possession and […]

Quick Tips for Fashion at the Races – Derby Day for Women & Men

Are you ready for the Spring Summer Racing season ahead with the Melbourne Cup and other major derby days lined up. Whatever your views on horse racing, we can’t avoid the fashion at the races, and it’s a tough competition. So if you’re going shopping this weekend or in the future, here’s some tips to […]

Cufflinks: The Detail that makes Style

Putting together an outfit takes courage and vision. It is like moving within a grid of unwritten laws of personal taste and community presentation. The ability to harmonise the subtle with the bold is what defines STYLE. A little bit less and you can look ordinary, and the bit more makes you over-the-top. It is […]

Experiential Marketing: NZ Tourism

Being a Kiwi, I have a natural bias towards all things New Zealand. It is the land of the big white cloud (Aotearoa), the land of green and clean, and also the land where small ideas take shape into world-leading innovations and businesses. In New Zealand, it is known as the ‘Number 8 Wire’ approach, […]

The 4Ps of the ‘Art of Suit Making’​

Suit Making or dignified ‘tailoring’ is more than just cloth, scissors, needles and threads. If you’ve ever had the privileged experience of getting a ‘bespoke’ suit made for yourself, then you’ll surely understand the subtlety of skill and knowledge needed to create a masterpiece. Not to mention the time invested by a master tailor to translate what you […]

Azrim: R-e-tail-ing with Purpose

Last week, I posted on LinkedIn announcing that we had re-launched our website to cater to the growing needs of our clients, and combining our B2B, B2C and Wholesale operations into one single service platform entity which I would humbly like to call, B2P or Business to Purpose. To us, it means this: we will […]

Feb is the month to rethink your 2019 look and feel?

In the coming weeks, you will start to notice the change from summer into autumn. The changing colours and the falling leaves are a signal from nature to us to get into fresh new clothing for the year ahead. For the Chinese community, the new Lunar Year of the Pig bring auspicious hopes of prosperity, […]

Help ! I’m getting married & I need a new suit but I don’t know what to get?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then this article is written for every groom / groomsmen who wants to look sharp on the wedding day / night, but don’t know one suit from the next. Here’s what you need to know from the styling and design side of things for your wedding […]

For Customer’s Sake – Do Something

In the past two decades, retail has made more shifts than it did in the previous two centuries. With the global financial crisis and the internet in early 2000s, it created the perfect storm where customers made changes in their buying selection criteria, and businesses weren’t prepared for it, and most didn’t even see it […]

Why Azrim works and what you can get for $1000?

Are you tired of going from one store to another, spending your precious time trying on clothes and still having to compromise on fit, style, and purpose? And when you find something that you like, it’s probably too expensive. Since 2005, we have serviced over 5000 customers across Australia and New Zealand providing our best-fit guarantee made-to-measure clothing for […]

Improve your Personal Brand by Dressing Up for Success

The purpose of life is to seek knowledge and elevate yourself to a better position than you were than yesterday. That’s the meaning of progress and it can be financial, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Through intelligence comes the tools of success and the best way to get this is by asking the right questions, […]

Buyers Beware: 10 Tips to stay safe from dodgy retailers and sellers.

When I was in school, we were taught common phrases like, “Cheaters never prosper”and “Honesty pays”. In the past few months, this ideology has been thrown out of the window by the likes of Donald Trump who has turned lying and fake news into an art form. There is no low that he will not fathom and […]

Why NOW is the best time to get your made-to-measure clothing?

“Clothes make the man. Naked men have little influence on society” – this is one of my favourite quotes from Mark Twain, who was not only a good writer but a great observer of human behaviour and interaction. He understood the value of looking good as you can sense from the way he described Tom Sawyer […]

AZRIM at WSABE – what it means for a small business to win 2 years in a row?

After joining NSW Business Chamber last year, I was informed that there is an option for small businesses to nominate their own businesses into a state-wide business competition which is prestigious and rewards merit. As a small business operating from Strathfield, I was enlisted into the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE). This award […]

What I learnt from waking up at 4AM

For the past many years, I had got comfortable waking up after 9 am to prepare for work to begin from 11 am. Very rarely did I have to wake up early except for the BNI Breakfast Networking meeting which were the 5 am slog. On most occasions, I would come back home and plonk […]

How to speak your Brand to every Importer around the World?

Like most people, I love to travel and when I do, I always keep my eyes open for opportunities to buy or sell, not just my clothing products and services, but even beyond. Having spent my formative years living in three countries, I have come to respect and understand the power of globalization. One of […]

Why IRAN is the best country to invest in the Middle East right NOW?

Iran – a country of great history, similar to many others like India and China, with a long and interesting past, with rulers like Cyrus, Xerxes, and Darius who ruled from 750 BC. The Silk Route passed through here to reach Africa and Europe resulting in huge commerce and trade. Something that can be seen today, when you visit the […]

Buyers Beware: 10 Tips to stay safe from dodgy retailers and sellers.

When I was in school, we were taught common phrases like, “Cheaters never prosper” and “Honesty pays”. In the past few months, this ideology has been thrown out of the window by the likes of Donald Trump who has turned lying and fake news into an art form. There is no low that he will not fathom and […]

F***F****S***: 3 Magic Letters to live by

Yes it’s exactly what you’re thinking and what I said. It’s not uncommon when I walk into a meeting or event by the lack of effort made by some men and women in presenting themselves well. It sounds judgemental, and possibly is, but I am OCD about fashion and clothing. If you can’t represent yourself […]

Why having a Vision is important? How Vision Boarding helps!

This weekend I had the most productive business session I’ve been in for a long time. Organised by the Success Women’s Network and run by the super knowledgeable Kendra Strudwick from Inspiraction Coaching and Training. The purpose of the session was VISION – the importance of having one with clarity and how to shift your mindset to […]

The Prize

A short story by Farrukh Mirza on his recollections from 40 years of his abnormally fun life. “Tring Tring”, sounds the bell as I click it as I swoosh through the back streets on my shiny new bicycle, cutting and swerving through the traffic and the walking pedestrians, feeling like flying with wings, in a […]

Why Azrim donates at least 10% of its total annual turnover to charity? And my pick of top 5 charities.

During my years working for and with clients, the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) was thrown around a lot to promote the business as being community-focused, people-driven and so on. In concept, it was a brilliant thing but from my experience, I found it to be the one task that each and every corporate did […]

How to look and be cool this summer?

Following from my previous post, a lot of my clients and connections asked me for some styling tips for Summer. Here are some suggestions on how to look and be cool over the next few months when the temperature will stay from 25 to 40 degrees. Choosing the right fabrics will help you dissipate heat […]

The 3 Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

October is upon us, and only a few more weeks before it really starts warming up. For most men and women, winter is easier to dress up as you can layer up, and cover everything with a suit jacket or a winter coat. But summer brings a different set of challenges, where one has to […]

How to BE in Business?

Necessity is the mother of invention. And invention doesn’t happen overnight but needs to be worked upon – and in stages through trial and error. When you read about Albert Einstein or Elon Musk, you realise these businesses haven’t just sprung out of nothing but are evolved versions of basic concepts that didn’t exist in […]

Why I wanted Azrim to be recognised for innovation?

This last month has been the craziest in the best of ways for me and my growing made-to-measure business Azrim and having only just won the Excellence in Innovation Award at the prestigious WSABE (Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence), I have been asked by tens of my friends, connections and clients – what’s the connection between innovation and your business? […]

Avoid the overseas fly-by-hotel-room-tailor: 5 reasons that could save you a lot of pain & money

A most common question I get asked by most of my clients is that why they should consider buying locally (from me or someone else) when compared to the out-of-this-world deals being offered by the fly-by hotel-room tailors that come regularly from HongKong,China, Thailand, Vietnam and even India. Having been in this industry for nearly two […]

Fashion for the sartorially challenged – top 10 tips

It’s 8.30am and you’ve just walked into your office, dumped your heavy laptop bag on your desk, whilst trying to pull up your pants and turned on your computer to start checking the emails. The really cute co-worker walks past you, giving an uneasy smile, and points to the coffee stain on your left pocket […]

How to dress like the men and women in the TV series Suits?

A very common assumption made by most people I meet who don’t know me well is that “I must have a need to dress well as I’m now in the business of making and selling clothes”. In fact, it’s the opposite. I love good clothes which is what prompted me to get into retail fashion, and then […]

How to gain strength from mental weakness?

This month has been a frantic one for me, and from what I gather from the people I network with in Sydney and Melbourne, things have stepped up a bit for most businesses which is great. In these 60, 80, 100 hour weeks that we all are putting in, it’s normal and expected to have […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself before you even think of starting a New Business

That’s not a typo error… I’m making you ask yourself 5 questions before you even think of starting a new business. The past few weeks I have spent crazy hours talking to people in my network asking them why they do what they do, and why me or anyone should use their services? The purpose of […]

How ‘work’ brings in more ‘WORK?

In my school years, I read a quote in a book on management that business is the art of being and staying busy. At the age of 15, it is hard for most teenagers to understand such things, and even more so, me, who was planning to be a journalist or advertising suit. Little did I […]

Collaborate > Innovate + Automate

I have spent the past year meeting and talking to SME business owners, C-level executives, senior to mid-level managers, service industry professionals and even graduates looking for or having just started jobs. Each and everyone has specific set of skills, knowledge, talent and passion for what they do, and a keen sense of direction of […]

Why I don’t want everyone to be my customer?

This year is looking exceedingly promising, but not from the sales and profits perspective, but more so, from the point of the learning that it has given me in such a short space of time. Growing any business takes a lot of effort, even more so in my industry, where every retailer is happily discounting […]

The Taj Mahal: How to leave a legacy worth living for?

Last year I visited the Taj Mahal in Agra in India and it left a lasting impression in my mind. Having been born in India, it was sad that I got to see it when I was way past 35 but still it is a monument that lives up to its reputation many times over. […]

2016: the year to focus on YOU

It’s good to be selfless but bad to be selfless to the extent that you start ignoring yourself. We all have made that mistake in our lives, where other priorities like family, friends, work, business or something beyond our control has taken over our life, far above our own self. When I see my friends, they’re […]

‘Tis the season for givers

December has to be the craziest month of the year. In Australia and New Zealand it is the signal of the start of summer, with the sun doing more work to keep beach enthusiasts and sports fitness fanatics happy. It is when most professionals are looking to wind down their operations leading into January of […]

Why retail sucks and how to fix it?

I woke up this morning not feeling too well, and had to spend an extra hour in bed. What got me out of it instantly was a call from a ‘new’ customer. She had seen an advertisement of my business in one of the local magazines, and had done some research online via Google to […]

The AllBlacks – the brand, team and essence !

Wow ! I can’t stop smiling and surely every Kiwi around the world will be so proud of the All Blacks – the only team in the history of the Rugby Union to win the World Cup thrice and twice in a row. Anyone who’s ever seen them perform the fearsome Haka (the Maori War Dance) before any of […]

Want to make billions, invest in India !

The past few days I have been visiting the city of Delhi in India. A city which is both modern and old; politically vibrant as ever; and holding the seats of power as it did over the many centuries. When you ask anyone who’s been to India, they will say its a myriad of experiences […]

Sow good actions. Cultivate positive habits.

The past few months I have been taking tennis coaching sessions to improve my service and forehand. Every week I get in front of the coach who after the initial stretch and warm up routine, puts me through an extensive one on one training. This training includes showing me a new variation of a shot […]

Focus on the NOW for a sharper TOMORROW

Like most travel enthusiasts, I enjoy photography and there is a great lesson for us every time we CLICK a picture, or as we do nowadays with a Selfie. We rarely stop to think how it has evolved over the years, and its always nostalgic when we visit our photo albums. It’s only then we […]

Be an Investor. Not an Accountant.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that this post isn’t about poking fun at the accountants. But its more about getting people to think about adopting an investor mindset compared to that of an accountant where you see everything as an expense. Accountants will be the first to tell you that how […]

Attitude second. Customer first.

Last week I attended a number of business connection meetings and was surprised by many well respected Sales Coaches promoting the adage, ” Attitude defines altitude “.  Whilst having the right attitude is important to execute plans, I don’t think it’s the number one priority for anyone in sales or marketing, or business in general. The […]

Network to improve your net worth

Of my 500+ connections on LinkedIn and many more outside, one of the skills most people list as having is “networking”. And some of my social and business connections are masters at it, and really do an honest job at it. But why is it that only few can master this necessary skill and gain […]

Fail Harder, Succeed Stronger

The last few months, I have made a commitment to be in shape which means spending many hours sweating it out on the gym floor under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer at Vision North Sydney. There is nothing more true than being exhausted to the point of breaking day after day for fitness […]

Why honesty pays? And how to pay it forward?

Pardon the cliche but car dealers are not known for their honesty but I wanted to share this amusing and true life experience as to how not all car salespersons are the same. Last weekend I was looking to get one of those old junk cars for my flatmate who has just learnt to drive, […]

Is it time to value your time?

Last weekend, I went to the Auckland Zoo on probably the worst day being the long weekend with the Labour Day holiday. On entering the zoo, I noticed a queue of over 100 people waiting patiently in the hot sun to get tickets so their kids and families can get to see the animals at […]

What is mostly ignored but invaluable to you?

What is one thing that you wish you used more of, but rarely do? And what if its one of the most important, almost invaluable to your success as a human being first. Do you know what that is? I have been thinking of this for the past many months, as to what is the […]

Why you need to know YOU come first?

As career professionals, business owners and start up entrepreneurs, we all spend a lot of time doing things that need to be done, but sometimes things get blurred between the lines when you’re running between short term action items to long term strategic plans. The better among us makes those decisions on time and with […]

Have you prepared your B-H-A-G?

I read somewhere, ” Aim for the stars, land on the moon ” which is a childish way of saying aim for the best, and be happy wherever you reach…an optimist but not a realistic approach to life, in my opinion. All through my childhood, I was motivated to excel in school in studies so I could […]

Do you know your ROI?

Continuing on the theme of my last post, you get what you put in and it only makes sense to put in when you’re sure of what you want to get out of it. In short, returns on your investment. In this post, I want to ask you if you know what your ROI is? […]

Is the Lemon worth the squeeze?

Most of us have heard the old saying, “When life throws you a lemon, you juice it” which is a positive, strong and make the most of it type of attitude. But is it a good approach to juice every lemon thrown our way by life and circumstances? To put things in perspective, lemon means anything and everything […]