Help ! I’m getting married & I need a new suit but I don’t know what to get?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then this article is written for every groom / groomsmen who wants to look sharp on the wedding day / night, but don’t know one suit from the next. Here’s what you need to know from the styling and design side of things for your wedding […]

Why Azrim works and what you can get for $1000?

Are you tired of going from one store to another, spending your precious time trying on clothes and still having to compromise on fit, style, and purpose? And when you find something that you like, it’s probably too expensive. Since 2005, we have serviced over 5000 customers across Australia and New Zealand providing our best-fit guarantee made-to-measure clothing for […]

Improve your Personal Brand by Dressing Up for Success

The purpose of life is to seek knowledge and elevate yourself to a better position than you were than yesterday. That’s the meaning of progress and it can be financial, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Through intelligence comes the tools of success and the best way to get this is by asking the right questions, […]

Buyers Beware: 10 Tips to stay safe from dodgy retailers and sellers.

When I was in school, we were taught common phrases like, “Cheaters never prosper”and “Honesty pays”. In the past few months, this ideology has been thrown out of the window by the likes of Donald Trump who has turned lying and fake news into an art form. There is no low that he will not fathom and […]

Why NOW is the best time to get your made-to-measure clothing?

“Clothes make the man. Naked men have little influence on society” – this is one of my favourite quotes from Mark Twain, who was not only a good writer but a great observer of human behaviour and interaction. He understood the value of looking good as you can sense from the way he described Tom Sawyer […]

AZRIM at WSABE – what it means for a small business to win 2 years in a row?

After joining NSW Business Chamber last year, I was informed that there is an option for small businesses to nominate their own businesses into a state-wide business competition which is prestigious and rewards merit. As a small business operating from Strathfield, I was enlisted into the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE). This award […]