Customize Your Pant

A classic trouser is one which is made to normal proportion with extra room formovement, whilst the slim trouser is made to more fitted proportions and is closer to the body.


A pleat is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. In trousers, pleats are used for styling purposes with the following variations:


In the years before, tailors would fold the excess fabric at the bottom of the legs, and iron / stitch these into rolled fold-overs called cuffs. Their main purpose was to make sure that trousers bottom wouldn’t get dirty and hold their shape despite the movement.

Over the recent years, advancement in fabric design and tailoring have led to a modern version of non cuffed trousers which are finished off above the shoe so as not to get dirty, and eliminating the need for the folds.

Generally, pleated trousers are wider leg and worn with cuffs. Slim fit trousers are preferably worn as non-cuffed trousers.

Pockets (Front)

Most people have a basic sense that their trousers have two pockets, one on each side. However, those who have had custom trousers made will be more aware of the surprisingly large range of pocket options available.

Pockets (Back)

Back pockets on trousers, are more for styling than purpose, but generally peopleuse them for keeping their wallets. As a rule of thumb, a right handed person has a single pocket on the right, and left handed on the left.

At Azrim, we offer the option to choose single (left or right) or double pockets on the back in the following styles:


The top front of the trouser, around the waistband can be finished into the following options: