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If you’re an Adelaide local, then there’s nothing more enjoyable than a game of cricket at the Oval. Or a short day trip to the wineries to grab your favourite red. And maybe a quick afternoon with the kids at the Zoo.

But when it comes to getting something truly special, for example, a wedding suit, or a really good suit that will make you look like the boss, there’s few places you can go shopping. It’s a well known fact that only 5% of the population can walk into stores, and find perfect fitting garments. The other 95% – their day of shopping is walking from one store to another, one mall to the next, taking time, effort and energy. Or when you find something that you like, it’s the right colour and the right fit but the price is too much. Or even worse, when you’re willing to buy, but they don’t have your size in the right fit.

Anything you wear should fit you. Wearing clothing that fits you is the most flattering way to flaunt your body with added confidence. That’s the goal of Azrim. We aim to produce clothing in Adelaide that will perfectly fit our clients to make sure that they’ll feel at ease and comfortable.

Remember that the exact same clothing size can look different on you from another person. Ready-made garments are made by machines because they are usually mass-produced. This can be a problem for large people and petite ones. You may find something that fits you but it’s not likely to sit perfectly on your shoulders. Sometimes, you’ll feel uncomfortable in the middle section of your body. So instead of buying clothes based on the technical size that’s written on the tag, have your suits or shirts made by us to make sure that it truly fits. Having tailored clothing to your specific measurements is way better than buying something that is your size but doesn’t fit you. Also, our custom-made clothing can stand the test of time. They will last longer.

We at Azrim have a team of independent stylists and image consultants with professional knowledge that will help our clients in designing the perfect custom clothing. Our finished products go through the hands of experts to check every detail to make sure that our clients get the best value clothes. Our tailored clothes are an excellent investment for people at all levels. They are created beautifully, and custom fitted so it a guarantee that these clothes will look best and will last longer.

Over the last fifteen years, we have customised clothing for different people from business industry, weddings and education department.

We can offer you a genuine, personalised consultation and have your clothing delivered in 2 to 3 weeks for made to order and 4 to 6 weeks for bespoke.

If you are looking to have your clothing customized and feel our best, then contact us, and we’ll make sure to work with you from beginning to end.

We assure you that every garment we produce is made with quality materials and is made to the highest quality possible.

Let us take care of your clothing needs, and we guarantee that we will never disappoint you.

To book yourself in for our next Adelaide visit, or to check our latest offers, please contact us on or call Farrukh directly on 0424 424 829.

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