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If you’re a Melbourne local, then there’s nothing more enjoyable than a game of footy and seeing your favorite team win. Or catching the tram to the city on a Saturday evening to hang out with your close friends over some nice dinner and drinks before trying your luck at the Crown Casino downtown. And if you’re spending a wedding honeymoon or a holiday, it should be super fun to spend a weekend in the city shopping. 

But sadly, that’s not true for 95% of people. Going from one store to another, one mall to the next, is tiring and time consuming. It is also frustrating when you find something that you like, it’s the right colour and the right fit but the price is too much. Or even worse, when you’re willing to buy, but they don’t have your size in the right fit. 

And here’s the most common crime, when you walk into a decent store, and the inexperienced salesman tries to put you into an ill-fitting suit that will need to be butchered to fit you. But it’s the only one he has that’s closest to your fit in your budget, in the colour you kind of like. 

Sounds familiar. It should as it’s the most common scenario we are told repeatedly by our clients, in Melbourne, who are gobsmacked by the unlimited stores with little or no choice. 

But you need not worry, AZRIM Made to Measure is here for you. As a reputed tailoring service, we service all the metros and some regional towns in Australia. We visit Melbourne frequently, and can be booked in on our next visit, where we can show you all of our fabrics and design options, in a private consultation, where we can design your personalised garments, at an affordable price. 

Whether it’s a work or business ‘power’ suit, or a wedding suit for a groom or groomsmen, or corporate uniforms, or something more personal like a blacktie tuxedo or a funeral, or that graduation you’ve got coming – no matter the occasion, we can help. 

We are considerably cheaper than the branded retailers, as we don’t add overheads and offer you factory direct prices, which can save you 30 – 50% more in comparison for the same product, with a best fit guarantee, and the quickest turnaround of 2 – 3 weeks for a made-to-measure suit or shirt, and 4 – 6 weeks for a bespoke offering. The garments are DHL delivered directly to your home or office for no extra charge as well. 

We are available online and happy to answer any questions you may have – by phone, email or even through our social media pages on Facebook and Google. We are Sydney-based but service all over Australia, New Zealand and export to 9 countries globally as well. 

To book yourself in for our next Melbourne visit, or to check our latest offers, please contact us on or call Farrukh directly on 0424 424 829.

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