Below are other policies which form part of Azrim Pty Ltd (AU) / Azrim Limited (NZ) Terms of Use and Sale relating specifically to the provision of Goods or Services by Azrim to You. On booking an appointment with Azrim, or purchasing Goods or Services from Azrim, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Each of these policies may be changed from time to time and are effective immediately upon posting such changes on the Site.

Quality Policy

If the customer is not satisfied with either the quality or the fit of the ordered items(s) Azrim will, after inspection of the goods, follow a strict policy of Repair, Replace and finally Refund. A Refund can only be processed following the procedures of Repair and Replace. To refine the fit of a bespoke garment, it can take multiple fittings. The average is between three and four. For the avoidance of doubt, the first fitting is defined as the first time the Supplier delivers the physical garment for fitting with the Customer.

General Terms and Conditions

At AZRIM we strive to offer the best possible customer service in our class and industry.

The Terms and Conditions together with any further terms for the purchase of Products and documentation and materials referenced in these Terms and Conditions including our Delivery Options and Policy of Returns constitute the entire agreement between you and us.

We offer an Alteration Allowance cover up to $100 AUD alterations costs. We’ll also update your measurements so
all your future orders are made using those adjustments. AZRIM will not be held liable if the wearer and / or
purchaser have any fluctuations in size, fit and weight as we provide the best fit on the day it was measured.

Only when the altered or remade garments are not of acceptable quality, then we will accept Refunds & Returns for any unworn or altered garments. Please refer to our Refunds & Returns Policy for more information.

For Goods or Services offered at a discount or via a promotion, the Alterations Allowance may vary from the above.

Additionally, Alterations Allowances apply to your first garment purchase only.

Instances where AZRIM will not offer any Alterations Allowance include:

In the unusual case that your garment(s) is unalterable, subject to the above conditions we may offer to remake it
for you, or if applicable, you may wish to obtain a refund. The final decision regarding whether an Alterations

Allowance shall be granted to you rests solely with AZRIM. AZRIM reserves the right to refuse alterations or refund if we consider the garment(s) to fit appropriately.

Alterations at AZRIM Events

AZRIM often holds tailoring events at locations other than Sydney and Auckland. Should you attend one of these events, your garment(s) will be delivered directly to your preferred address, and do not generally include a final
fitting service. If garment(s) purchased at one of our tailoring events requires alterations, you will need to send us a good quality photo(s) of you wearing the garment(s) and a detailed description of what you believe needs to be

The garments will then need to be sent directly to our Postal Address, Australia at the cost of the buyer. AZRIM will undertake necessary alterations and have it sent back to the buyer within appropriate time.

Deadlines and Deliveries Policy

Once payment has been received from you, the turnaround time is generally 21 working days from date of receipt of payment. However, we highly recommend that orders are placed at least 28 working days prior to the date the garment(s) is required. This allows enough time for manufacture, quality control, shipment, fitting, alteration, pressing and provides some leeway for other unanticipated delays.

Delivery time may vary depending on:

AZRIM shall do everything within its control to ensure that your garment(s) is made available by the agreed date.

However, should there be a delay in the receipt of an order; AZRIM will not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages incurred by the delay.

Expedient deliveries

Expedient delivery of an order is generally possible, but attracts:

Returns and Refunds Policy


Each AZRIM custom made garment(s) is individually manufactured for each and every customer based on their unique measurements and design requirements. This shall be subject to evaluation based on either a personal inspection of the garment(s) by AZRIM, or a detailed letter/email accompanied with photographic evidence of the defect, whether it is a fitting defect that is unalterable, or a quality defect.

If the garment(s) is alterable, the first step taken to rectify the issue shall be to attempt an alteration. A Refund can only be processed following the procedures of Repair and Replace. Please refer to our Quality Policy for more information. If the issue is still not resolved after alterations, the second step taken is that AZRIM shall take back the faulty garment(s) and replace it with a new garment(s) made to the adjusted specifications.

Only if the issue is still not resolved after a second attempt; shall we provide a full refund of the purchase price excluding GST. AZRIM shall only accept returned garment(s) that are in good and unworn condition. The final decision regarding returns and refunds rests solely with AZRIM. AZRIM reserves the right to refuse returns and refunds if we consider the garment(s) to fit appropriately, and be of acceptable quality. Additionally, AZRIM does not offer refunds if you have simply changed your mind.

Refunds are conditional upon the following:


Ready made goods include, but are not limited to products like ties, cuff links, belts and other non-custom made goods available for purchase from AZRIM. Refunds, exchanges and repairs will not be provided after goods have been received by you unless the goods are faulty, not doing what they’re supposed to do, or are significantly different to those shown or described to you. Additionally, AZRIM does not offer refunds if you have simply changed your mind.

The first course of action shall always be to repair and / or replace the item. Subsequent to this, if a replacement or repair is not available, a full refund may be offered.

All refunds and returns are conditional upon the following:


Cancellations or changes to your order are only accepted within 48 hours from order being placed. Order cancellations are conditional upon the following:

Order changes are conditional upon the following:


Finally, we value your time, please value ours. While you may call to reschedule your appointment any time, cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice and “no shows” may incur an administration fee of $50.00 (AUD) which is payable within 14 working days to avoid penalty and legal action.


AZRIM reserves the right to pursue any late or unpaid monies on any orders whether individual, group or corporate – by taking the respective buyer to Credit / Debt Collection Agency (in Australia and New Zealand or any other country) and / or similar legal action where the credit rating may be compromised to seek funds from the buyer.

We hope that we don’t need to go down this way and it will be done as last resort when the buyer is not open to communication or working out of an agreement to pay unpaid monies.

Limitation of Liability

So far as permitted by law, and except in respect of death or persona injury arising from negligence, we exclude and liability for loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of the site (including the reliance of any information contained on it). We are no responsible for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

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