We are an Australian-owned business with a wealth of knowledge and expertise and a genuine intention to make quality custom clothing affordable for the masses, starting with each individual at a time.

The purpose of a shirt is to be the most comfortable garment next to your skin, andallow you to be centrepoint of attraction. It will enhance a suit or jacket, and if made and worn correctly can give you the choice to try different looks and styles.

The way a shirt sits on your shoulders, falls through your chest and envelops your body is both an art and science. The sleeves need to be to the right length giving you movement and still maintain your shape and profile.

At Azrim, we take meticulous attention on every aspect so we can give you what you envisioned. Based on the options you select, we will make you the best fitting shirt you’ve ever owned. All of which is backed by our personal Best-Fit Guarantee, and made by our Master Tailors using the best sourced fabrics from Italy and

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